Tales ES/B - The Macabre (2nd Part)

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Today's class was dedicated to the correction of parts of your homework, i.e. characterization and re-organization of the action.

Then we moved on the 2nd part of the document where you had to find some vocabulary equivalents.

Finally we started to put into shape the literary commentary for the 1st part with answering one important to question about the atmosphere of the drama.

Eventually I told you the plans for the rest of this year :

Friday 19th : Comprehension Test on two sequences to review (Money + South Africa)

Monday 22th : you need to turn in a dialogue. Here is the assignement : "Write the conversation that Mr and Mrs Maloney had when he announced her the news that would trigger her crime" (250 words)

Tuesday 23th : Characterization = Choose five words to qualify Mary Maloney and justify your choice (150 words)

Friday 24th : Expression Test (Dialogue) about the sequence on Roald Dahl's short story.

Good luck with the preparation of your exams!

Take Care,

Mr Hattais.



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