Prison Break - A series to discover!

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Watch this preview to the next blockbuster series from the USA... it is really awesome! Coming up soon!



Thanks to the Tales ES/B students for tipping me off on that show! ; )

See ya

Mr Hattais.

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TITUS ! 23/06/2006 19:16

mdr...I promess I had not seen your e-mail...!

If you are "EXPTREMELY BUSY" never mind...anyway the text was easy but I just had this doubt about "marry (each other)".

And me too I like "thème" but I hate "version"...because I'm really bad and my teacher is quite harsh!

So good luck with your papers...!

See ya ;-)

Mr Hattais 23/06/2006 20:09

well you need harsh teachers to improve.... believe me it won't work otherwise! ; )
By the way you should spell "promettre" "promise" in English... just so you knew (not too harsh a remark, or is it...?) lol
ttylMr Hattais.

TITUS ! 23/06/2006 12:30 reassure !

If you want I can give the entire text, but I don't have your e-mail.

And Thank You for believing in

I'll tell you my results.

Thx :-)

Mr Hattais 23/06/2006 16:10

what... ???? you don't have my email... and since when...? it's the first thing you see in the top right hand corner of the blog... are you kidding me? !
; )
Well anyway... for the moment I am rather busy... well I should say... EXTREMELY BUSY!!! with grading bacclauréat papers... but why not...? that could be interesting to do (I loved translating when I was in college... especially from French to English! ; )
ttylMr Hattais.

TITUS ! 22/06/2006 19:46 sorry!
By the way, talking about translation...I had my "thème" exam today and I translated " nous allons nous marrier " by " we are going to marry " it correct ? I did lo longer know if you have to add "each other" or not...

Mr Hattais 22/06/2006 23:20

no I think you did right.... but I would need the whole text to be able to tell you for sure (above all as far as the tense of your verv is concerned + if it would have been better to put "get married")
I'm sure you're gonna pass anyway. Don't worry!
ttylMr Hattais.

TITUS ! 21/06/2006 14:14

mwé...c vrai...mais c t pas "offensant"

Mr Hattais 22/06/2006 01:40

Well that was a bad translation from the English then.... it was a post in which you "offended" that teacher....
Anyway... let's forget about it and not make the same mistakes again! ; )
Take care,
Mr Hattais.

TITUS ! 20/06/2006 21:47

Bug ? Javé mis 1 message C volatilisé...!

Mr Hattais 21/06/2006 01:06

oui en effet... puisqu'il était directement offensant envers un professeur en particulier et que ce site n'est pas fait pour médire ou maudire qui que ce soit... donc j'ai pris la liberté de le censurer en effet.... c'est dommage car il y avait des choses intéressantes dans ton message... mais aussi des choses inacceptables...
Hope you understand my concerns...
Take Care. Mr Hattais.