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Today was the last lesson of the sequence before your test (on Monday). So ask your questions if needed on Friday. Let me remind you that you need to prepare your oral intervention with the re-enactment of the trials for that same day.

In class you were given a set of opinions in favour or against death penalty and your job was to identify their stands and their arguments. Don't forget not to state useless data but to really argument your point of view.

Go to this page http://elllo.org/00MXPages/07-MX-Death-Penalty.htm if you want to do the activity again online and improve your oral comprehension.

HW: Finish the activity started in class with the newspaper articles and the sentence that you would give the criminals if you were the judge explaining to the class what the person is accused of and justifying your sentence.  

Take care and see you on Friday.

Mr Hattais.

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