American Dreamz

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I advise you to go and watch this movie.... it's great and totally corresponds to some themes that we have studied this year in the English class!

Here is the preview! I hope you will recognize the parody of George Bush's accent and way of speaking in Dennis Quaid.

Have Fun!

Mr Hattais.

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Som 27/09/2006 15:56

oooohhh yeah, Bush's southern accent, right... lol

Mr Hattais 27/09/2006 20:07

yep... and definitely his... let's say... dumb personality ; )

Som 27/09/2006 15:13

I've never heard of this movie (spend my time workin' and sleepin'...gosh), I guess i'm gonna watch it someday(if i can find it.. :s), it looks really funny. I saw there were also some dorks from American Pie (lol it's hilarious), playing in it. And concerning M. Moore, I think it's a good choice as an actress, she's so.. "American".. (I mean.. so "blond")

Mr Hattais 27/09/2006 20:07

Yep! you definitely want to see it.... quite entertaining!

TiTuS 09/06/2006 22:23

Looks quite funny dis movie...I shall watch it...after my fucking exams!

See yall

Mr Hattais 10/06/2006 17:13

Well... I at least had a good laugh! ; )

Mr Ehrer 08/06/2006 16:57

Ooops ! I meant "juror" of course !

Mr Hattais 08/06/2006 22:10

Of course... my horse! ; )

Mr Ehrer 08/06/2006 16:55

And also the parody of Simon Cowell the mean English jury of American Idol played here by Hugh Grant !

Mr Hattais 08/06/2006 22:09

Yeap indeed! Have you watched it already?