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Today we watched what you did last Friday as far as the trials were concerned and you had to elect the best group of the class supporting your choice with arguments.

Then we watched a new video dealing with our new topic : Weapons!

I hope you liked it! ; ) You may download it again to watch it over here :

And if you ever lost your worksheet, there it is!

Have a good week end and see you on Monday.

Mr Hattais.

Don't ever try to do what you've done today again, not speaking like that... or I will get even madder than I have been so far... and I am warning you I do not intend to let it go like that! It would be stupid of you to think so!

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M.Chesneau 29/05/2006 11:21

That video is truly awesome... Both scary and funny!

Mr Hattais 29/05/2006 15:48

Yeah... indeed! it's a taste for macabre that I particularly like but... not my students apparently... if you want to see something really shocking though, I advise you to watch the opening credit titles from Lord Of War that you will find here...
Straight to the point... efficient... a must-see, that's for sure!
See yaPhilippe.