Tales ES/B - Last Lesson before your final test

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Today was the last lesson before the last test that you are going to take this year...

We studied the commentary of part 1 from Lamb to the Slaughter the way it should be done if you ever had to take English as a part of your "rattrapage" session.

Download the document here :

We continued reading the last part of the short story to uncover what the end was and we briefly explained what the main events and the main things to remember were thanks to this document.

At the beginning of the class, I had also given back to you the dialogues that you had to turn in yesterday (Benjamin... yours is at the "Surveillants'" office, you want to pick it up before Friday).

You may download the correction that I've taken from Océane. I have improved her essay a little but not that much since it was already quite a good piece of work.

See you on Friday then for your test (the making of a dialogue... but what could it be...? ;))


Mr Hattais.

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