2nde 13 - Understanding Parody with Shrek 2

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we went to the lab to finish our sequence on parody (we will finish it on Wednesday).

1- We studied the opening credits from Shrek 2 to spot out the elements of parody that were present. cf. trace écrite ici.

2- Then you had to complete a crossword puzzle to make sure you knew the vocabulary from the sequence.

3- We watch another extract from Shrek 2 (still from the opening credits) to spot out again some elements of parody.

You will find all the documents that were used in class by clicking on the links in that post...

See you on Wednesday at the lab!

Mr Hattais.

PS: by Friday, you need to send me by email your corrected and illustrated fairy tales.

On Monday, you'll have your test on this sequence.

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