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Click on the icon below to access the pdf version of the lesson plan on "Stupid Girls", Pink's latest video clip.


and if you try the lesson with your classes, don't forget to get bak to me!


Mr Hattais

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TITUS ! 09/05/2006 21:36

Oh...maybe I see who you are...maybe it's you who were "suveilling" our session of the bac ! Because I remember a man who was reading a big english book at the desk (and who was not really looking around !)
My teacher was Miss Lhomme.

Thank you // Bye

Mr Hattais 09/05/2006 22:37

Right on... I don't know whether it was me or not... but it may have been since I do like reading "big English books"... ; )

TITUS ! 09/05/2006 19:48

Actually I'm in 1 year of LLCE Anglais (so I know I'm still far away to be a teacher !) and I'm at Paris IV Sorbonne. Last year I was in TS at Gustave...and I never heard ya name so I suppose you're a new one ?
I leave you...I must study my oral for 2morrow ..bout the Checks and Balaneces system (you cetainly know by heart...how lucky u are !)

Peace !

Mr Hattais 09/05/2006 21:23

hum... well not really by heart no... lol
As for my being new... well I was new last year... but it is my second year at Gustave Eiffel! But I didn't have any terminales S... I had the Tale ES/A students
Good luck for your oral exam then!
ttylMr Hattais.
PS: by the way... who was your English teacher?

TITUS ! 09/05/2006 14:49

Hi (again!),
I'm not a teacher (yet) but I give u some extra things on the video you seem to love so much studying without not even know the director of the vid.
His name is DAVID MEYERS and he is one of the most famous vid-directors in the US and he directed more than 200 vids for the most famous stars (such as Missy / Pink / Jay Z / Nas / Aaliyah / Mariah Carey ...). He recently received the award of best video oh the year for his Missy's "Loose Control" video !
As a very talented artist, he was aked to direct ads (commercial) videos such as the famous ads for IPOD (with people dancing in colored background).
Eventually, we will be able to see his work as a movie-director since he just finished the remake of THE HITCHER (announced for 2007 in the USA...so 2008 for us maybe !)
That's it...No just one last thing...he is my best vid-director ever !

PS: In case you study the next PINK VIDEO called "You and your hand"...you'll be able to talk about the director since it's also him (Dabid) who made the video (they worked togather 8 times !)


Mr Hattais 09/05/2006 18:05

wow.... thanks for the details! and what are you studying?