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Hey Teachers!

Click on the icon below to be redirected to a page on Desperate Housewives, the series. You will find a study guide for both Episode 1 and 2 and also for the "opening credits".

There are still some modifications to be made and please feel free to add your ideas and comment on it in the "comment" section of this post.

Thanks in advance and remember to have fun with your students! ;o)

Mr Hattais

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may 20/05/2006 23:23

Bravo vos fiches sur desperate housewives. Je vais voir ce que je peux faire à partir de ça.
Je vous enverrai mes commentaires.
Attention les liens saison 2 ne marchent pas.
Sympa votre blog.

Mr Hattais 21/05/2006 23:52

Ok great! I'd be more than pleased to have some feedback indeed! ;)As for the links... I'll check that right away and renew them so that they function again. It should be working by tomorrow. Thanks for letting me know! I do appreciate it.
Mr Hattais.