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Today was back-to-Egnlish for you!

I'm really mad at the first group I had today because you were like real slugs! Don't you dare do that next time and keep mute or you'll have serious troubles!

Anyway... here is what we did today :

1- Warm up : objectif = revoir la modalité au passé (may/might + HAVE + p. passé)

2- Recap on Fairy Tales (the characteristics and the vocabulary)

3- Recap on the text (p. 183): 1st part analysed again and particularly the sentence : "We'll see about that"

4- Reading and analysing of the 2nd part = the intentions of the wife and of the husband.

5- Début de PRL sur le Discours Indirect (repérage des premiers changements [articles possessifs et démonstratifs et temps des verbes])

I'll see you tomorrow for the continuation of this sequence on Fairy Tales!

Let's meet at the lab!

Mr Hattais

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