Gang Culture - Peace

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What do you think of this video clip?

The artists praise peace and ask for the end of violence.

Post your comments on the blog either in French or in English (of course it would be better in English...)

See you soon in class


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TITUS ! 15/04/2006 20:03


I'm not one of ya pupils but I was at Gustave last year in TS2...
I do find dis vid very positive because not only the lyrics bring a messafe of peace and "hope!" but also because of the striking images which reflects the rough reality in nowadays suburbs (in USA)!
The original video clip from TWISTA's song was directed by CHRIS ROBINSON...the same guy who did NAS' "I can"!

Peeeaaace yal !

Mr Hattais 24/04/2006 00:14

Ok thanks for telling me who you are! That clears things up a little bit! I'm really glad you keep commenting on the post and that you apparently like the blog.
Wish you were (and had been) in my classes to pump up the level. ; )Great English! Keep it up!
Mister Hattais.